What We Did At Mustard – March’s LUG Meeting

We Talked Linux and Ate Pies

Despite plague and petulance hitting some of the LUG, we had a reasonable attendance at this month’s meeting which for the first time was held at Mustard Cafe Bar on Princes Avenue.

Ellie joined us for the first time, as did Daniel, and Damian came along for what he told us was the first time for about three years.

We passed the evening discussing the usual geek related topics, as well as billing and cooing over each other’s new additions to their tech collections.

After a bit of head scratching (and Google-ing) we managed to get Adrain’s negative scanner working (after a fashion), by running it with Cheese. There were a few problems with compatibility, for example it did generate a very strong blue tint to images, which we were able to correct using GIMP. The scanner was a relatively inexpensive piece of kit, so not much would have been lost if it didn’t work on a Linux distro.  However it is worth bearing in mind when thinking about buying peripherals, to check or do a search for compatability issues before commiting yourself to sending your money.

Marion and her team at Mustard kept us fed and watered with their varied selection of beers, and excellent choice of pies from their extensive menu. In addition she put together a number of tables so we had lots of space to spread out.

The general consensus was that this is an excellent venue for future meetings, and the same area has been booked for our next meeting, which is on Tuesday 3rd April 2012 at 8.00pm. The location is, of course:

Mustard Cafe Bar
Princes Avenue
Hull HU5 3QX

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One Response to What We Did At Mustard – March’s LUG Meeting

  1. Steve Thompson says:

    I dont know what you guys think, but I think the LUG has found a new permanent home :-)

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