If You Missed The September Meeting….

Geeks With Beer (or JD & Coke)

…You missed a good one!!!

As promised Becky and Philip Newborough came over from Lincoln, and as a result the conversation was quite Linux and LUG based (for  change :) ).

Xanders provided excellent meeting place for us.  Their food was (as ever) awesome, and they had a fine selection of beers and scrumpy.  It was suggested that we return here in the future, as well as considering trying a few different bars, to give us some variety from the Old Grey Mare.

Next month we’re thinking of moving a bit further down Newland Avenue and trying Larkins Bar.  What do you think?  Have you any preference?  Let us know, this is your LUG, and we will do (within reason) what you want to do.

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4 Responses to If You Missed The September Meeting….

  1. corenominal says:

    Xanders was an excellent location with a truly awesome selection of drinks and very friendly hosts/staff. Thanks again for inviting Becky and I, we had a great evening. :)

  2. CH says:

    Sorry, I *totally* forgot about the LUG (again).
    Try to be there next month.

  3. Dave Harding says:

    If you want reminders about meetings, sign up to the mailing list on Yahoo Groups:

    We also have a FaceBook page:

  4. Xanders is a lovely, little bar … and their burgers rock! Also, Philip enjoyed the scrumpy very much (a little too much! :D) It was nice for us to see how another LUG runs its’ meeting and great to meet you guys. There was a fair balance of conversation, so no-one felt excluded (I hope). We had a lovely time; thank you for inviting us and hopefully we can come again soon.

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