Welcome to the Website of the Hull Linux User Group

Our next planned meeting is at 8.00pm on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at Xanders on Newland Avenue.

Over the last few months we have alternated our meeting nights between the first Tuesday and the first Thursday of each month, and it seems to have been quite successful. Some people who can’t get along on a Tuesday can do on a Thursday, and vice versa.

For this reason I propose that we continue this arrangement, however if anyone has any objection, could you please let me know.

Hull LUG is group of computer enthusiasts who share a love for GNU/Linux (commonly referred to as simply Linux) computer operating system and Open Source Software.
We are based in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK and welcome members from surrounding areas as well as those living in Hull itself.

Hull LUG’s Aims are:

  • To advocate the use of Linux and Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) in Government, large & small businesses, non-governmental organisations, education and end-users.
  • To enlighten the broader community about Linux and FLOSS.
  • To support new users as they learn to use Linux.
  • To provide a forum where local Linux users can meet and interact.

Hull LUG meet on the first Tuesday/Thursday of every month.

Even if you’re not a member or if you’ve never attended a Hull LUG meeting before, all are welcome to join in! You’ll find us armed with laptops, tablets, phones and the occasional sets of knives and forks for those who decide to dine in too.

Until recently, we were regular visitors to what was Hartley’s / Rottana but despite their good food and welcoming function room it was a shame to see them close back in November. We are always on the hunt for an ideal wifi-enabled venue for future meetings so if you have any ideas as to where might be suitable, do let us know! Contact either Jon or Dave H with any suggestions, or get in touch with the Hull LUG mailing list.

Want to Join Us? Get Involved!

Anyone who has an interest in Linux, whatever your level of expertise, is very much welcome to join, we’re a very informal group and love to see new facesIf you want to get involved and join Hull LUG at any future events, either as a visitor or even if you want to contribute something, just let us know either by posting on the mailing list or on our Facebook page. Alternatively you can follow @hulluklug on Twitter or Identi.ca.
Failing that, just come along!

Would you like to do something for the site?  Is there something in particular that you want to organise for the meetings?  Drop me a line dave[at]hulllug[dot]org and we’ll sort something out.

This is your LUG, we can only do what you want with your help!

Being just over the river (and then some), a group of us from Hull find ourselves driving down to join Lincoln LUG on a regular basis. They meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and we generally leave Hull between at around 6pm to meet them.

If you want to come along with us, just chip in for the fuel/bridge costs or buy the driver a (soft!) drink to say thanks. :)

For information on our last meetings, be sure to check out the blog pages.